Monday, October 5, 2009

Anything but Mustard!!!!!

I was recently noticing that as I get older, my taste buds are changing.
My mom told me this would happen, but I of course rolled my eyes and didn't believe her.

Here is a list of foods that I vowed never, ever to like:

~Baked Chicken I love it now & can cook it many different ways!
~Mayonnaise I can't believe how much I hated this in the past!! I never even had a real sandwich until I put mayonnaise on it!!
~Seafood I have come to terms with Crab Meat & Lobster, all other sea food is still not on my good list.

~Eggplant I still don't know what is so good about this THING
~Venison EWE, I like some meat, but eating Bambi is not enjoyable.
~Baked Beans Still gross to me, lol
~Fish My mom must have cooked it pretty bad, because I really like it now, in fact its one of my favorite meals!!

I think that just about sums it up. Except for one thing.

Now, I want to explain this very clearly, you can consider this  food to be my enemy. I have hated it VERY much since I was small child. 

My Dad bought me a hot dog from the local stand when I was about five yrs old or so. I guess he "accidentally" put this yellow-looking, disgusting smelling substance on my hot dog and I was forced to eat it. I remember the pure nastiness of the taste and the following question remained in my head for years, why would any one want to eat this awful stuff? 

This is why I am so disturbed by the recent cravings I'm getting for mustard  on a sandwich. I can't believe this!! I Hate mustard!!! This is going against all of my beliefs and creating self doubt. Mustard.... I swore I wouldn't do it. I swore I couldn't do it!! 

But then I did it, I put mustard (just a tiny bit) on my sandwich. There was mayonnaise on it too along with the turkey breast & lettuce, so it wasn't too bad. Actually, I never thought I'd be saying this, Mustard is not as bad as I originally thought!! 

I feel like I'm at a Mustard's Anonymous meeting, Hi my name is Hollie and I HATE mustard. I am not in denial, I really do hate it, or at least I thought I did...

I guess this is just another one of life's lessons? What we think is impossible usually is not. Life is constantly changing. Our own beliefs and opinions are subject to change without warning us and we have to be ready to accept it!

 Getting older stinks, especially if it means that I'm going to be eating mustard, and like it.


  1. Love this... and your blog. Will definitely be following. I found you via Patrice's site (which I follow).

    When you have a second, come over to my place and tell me whatcha think.


  2. This is a great blog. I am a follower.

  3. Girl I hate Mustard too! Like your blog.

  4. Mustard one of the delicacies of life. Kids it, that's good, more for me. It's a thing you learn to like later in life. Mustard, radishes (same family) horseradish (wasabi for sushi) it's all there.

    The only thing that I hate on your list is eggplant, I'm fine with the rest.


  5. btw, cool blog. I Followed...


  6. Hey there, I really enjoy the blog. I presented you with a token of appreciation for you hard work. you can pick it up here thanks and keep on bloggin' :)

  7. very funny blog, that i think all of us can relate to. I cant believe the things I eat now that as a kid would have made me puke just looking at them, like spinach, and broccoli and onions, enjoyable read thanks for sharin

  8. Oh my gosh, I, too, am a hater of mustard. And I can't imagine that ever changing but clearly anything can happen. My boyfriend hates mayonnaise... how do I convince him that no sandwich is complete without it?!


  9. I hated mustard too ( just on sandwiches) but since meeting my husband, i now hate mayo on sandwiches and only use mustard. Funny how we change :)

  10. My daughter is a vegetarian - think it has something to do with when she was three and they tried to give her a hotdog to eat at nursery. She got pretty hysterical and they couldn't work it out until she exclaimed 'but I like doggies, I don't want to eat them!'

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  12. LOL!!! This is hilarious!!! Evn tho I'm only 12 I can totally undrstand!! Totally following!

  13. Hey there, I'm Tesla and I just started following both of your blogs :) I really loved this post, mostly because I've been wanting to write a same post about this on my blog for a few weeks now (I'm just lazy!). I always hated root beer and now I can't get enough of it! LOL! Love the blog!

    Have a great day!