Friday, October 2, 2009

Saving my Money(attempt):

After countless times of breaking self promises such as, 

"I will not use my debit card," (It's way too easy to swipe this damn thing!!)

"I will not order anything off of the internet," ( I have my account number, expiration date & security code memorized  and yea, I'm that bad).

"I will absolutely not withdrawal money from an ATM." (Don't you hate how they charge us to take out our own money? I sure do.) 

 I think I have come up with a possible solution! First, I'm chopping up my debit card so I am not tempted to swipe at any point before my plan has been completed. I am pretty sure I will maintain the will power to not purchase anything from the internet...(i hope). Then I am going to my current bank(the one that can be found on every corner of every street) and canceling my accounts. I'm going to pull out the money I have in two different accounts(My savings and checking), I'm so done with that bank!!! They have too many locations and I am not liking it.

I am taking all of my money and opening an account at a non-local bank (they only have two branches). The bank I chose is not just any, "unknown" bank, but it is about a 40 minute drive from my house to reach either of their two locations. And not to mention they close daily at 3pm, there are no extended hours..HA! By the time Joe gets home everyday, it will be too late to get money...
even if I want to!!

To me, my plan seems flawless!! I know I will not be driving 40 minutes a pop just to grab some money (not regularly anyways). I have a Ford Explorer, All Wheel drive, V-8, and it's not going to be fun to put the thirty dollars in gas each time i go there. 
And I am definitely NOT letting them give me a debit/credit card. NO~WAY, 'cause if I have it, I know I'm bound to swipe it sooner or later!! 

So there you have it, my Money Saving Technique. I am probably just screwing myself, locking away my money like that~but what the heck, its better then spending it all of the time, right?!!!

I just want to have things, nice things. I can't stop myself from buying the petty random things I buy, so there has to be another way!  At least I am not in denial, I know the problem, I admit the problem and i hope to fix the problem...No more problem! :)


  1. Oooh, your willpower is impressive! I need to save more money too. I've found myself buying less "crap" online, but somehow my money seems to go to a lot of other things. Maybe I'll just stay at home and sleep all day. Problem solved! HA! :)

    re: your comments, thank you! Dan and I have been together about 5 years. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! :) <3

    ~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

  2. I can understand this one, I'm trying to save a bit too, especially now I am back to being a student! A trick I've used is to change my ebay password to one that is so complex I can never be bothered to look it up to bid on anything. It's working well! Trouble is I can't be bothered to look it up to sell anything either!! I guess I need to do the same thing now over on Amazon!!

  3. made me laugh, I have been kicking myself lately for all the stupid junk I buy because, like you said, its just too easy to swipe it. It doesnt even feel like your spending money lol anyway let me know how it goes, and check out my blog if ya have a sec

  4. I can totally relate to that. Onward and upwards in 2010 I guess.